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Washington DC

“The best way to get America back to work, and reduce our deficit, is hire all the photographers in the country, position them on street corners, and have them take pictures of all the license plates of red-light runners, who will then receive a fine and all will be fine. ― Jarod Kintz,

Washington DC

With all the hubbub about the elections it is sometime easy to lose track of the fact that Washington DC is actually a pretty great place to visit and take photographs. So, I thought I would post a portfolio of some of my DC photographs to highlight that DC is about more then politics.

If you go: To really explore the city you need lots of time – several days at least, and you need to venture beyond of the Capitol Mall. In the summer, at the height of the tourist season, many sites around the mall can be really crowded so be prepared for long lines. To beat the crowds get out early and stay out late, and be prepared to walk a lot, everything is pretty spread out.

When I was last in DC I carried a camera that fit in my pants pocket – no extra lenses, flashes, or camera bag and no big DSLR hanging around my neck; I kept it simple. If you have ever thought about leaving the camera bag behind and just taking a small camera or even just your phone for photography, this would be a great place to do it – because regardless of the camera that you have you will be guaranteed some great photographs.

Photo Blog: What camera do you take along? Not necessarily a straightforward question, and my response may surprise or perhaps disappoint you.

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Last Look: The Nature of Things 2016 Photography Calendar. The year is coming to an end so I am now preparing my 2017 photography calendar so its time to pull the photos for the 2016 calendar – last chance for a last look.

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