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“Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.” ― Matt Hardy

Colorful Glass

Chihuly’s art glass is truly amazing, but when seen expertly lit in the right environment it goes from amazing to spectacular. And the one place to see a collection of Chihuly work in all its wonder in the right environment is at Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle.

All of my photos in this portfolio where taken at the Garden and Glass which features not only glass but some of the collections that have inspired Chihuly including native American baskets and blankets.

In my mind the Garden and Glass it a must see for any photographer, however photographing there comes with some potentially significant challenges, so check my Photo Blog to help you plan your visit.

Despite the challenges, which in ways makes the photography fun, it is well worth the effort, and even if you don’t get any spectacular pictures, the visit is still time well spent.

Enjoy my photographs; I hope that they will inspire you to take some of your own.

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New Photo Blog Post:  My Blog provides some recommendations on visiting and photographing at Chihuly Garden and Glass. Worth a read if you plan to visit, includes several helpful links.

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