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My passion for photography began in high school when I was the photographer for the Year Book. After shooting a game, an event, or my fellow students hamming it up for the camera,  I would quickly head into the dark room and go though the smelly, often imprecise, and at times frustrating process of first developing the negatives and then printing and developing the final photographs. Holding a fresh wet black and white print in hand under the red glow of the safe light represented the end point of a series of events that started with the press of the camera shutter just hours earlier, at the time it was magical, and it hooked me on photography.

Today I look for photographs which interest and move me and are true to the words and wisdom of Henry David Thoreau who said, “It’s not what you look at that matters. It’s what you see.” 

Check out my Photo Blog - I have been at this photo thing for a while; I’ve tried a lot and seen a lot and in the process have gained some personal insights, which have and continue to shape my perspectives and philosophies on photography. I occasionally offer some of these up with hope you find them interesting, perhaps amusing and maybe helpful.

I am a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography and a member of both the Olympia Camera Club and the World Photography Organisation  (which uses traditional English in its spelling).

About My Photography. Most of the photographs posted on this website are created using Sony digital camera gear, however I still occasionally shoot medium format film, and for posting, I scan the negative and work from there. Many of my images are cropped; I typically compose photographs at the time they are taken with the intent to crop them as needed in post. I may adjust the contrast, color, sharpness, or brightness of an image as needed, and my website host also optimizes images prior to posting. 

Website Updates: Every month or so I feature a new photo collection representing my current work. At the same time I typically take down one of the existing collections so visit often to see what has changed!  This is a non-commercial website so there is nothing to buy and no ads. It is about sharing my photography,   

I'm Mobile Friendly!  This website is mobile friendly so you can access it anytime from your phone or tablet. 

Connect With Me:  If you would like to be notified when I have a new posting you can connect with me through Facebook at Bill Legg Photography.

Copyright: Unless otherwise noted all of the photographs on this website are my original work and are under the ownership and copyright of Bill Legg and Bill Legg Photography.  Please respect my work and do not copy or use any of my images. If you would like to use any of my photographs I would be happy to discuss it with you, contact me via the  Contact Me Link above or by using the comment button at the bottom right corner of any of the photographs on the site.

In the spirit of the words of Paul Gauguin "Art is either plagiarism or revolution": Be a revolutionary!

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